Spring Cleaning: Natural Light with Skylights and Suntunnels

Skylights letting in light in a kitchen

5 tips to improve your home’s look, feel and functionality for Spring

After a seemingly never ending winter, spring is just around the corner. Here are some tips to get your house ready for spring with some cleaning, updates and polish. Yes, there’s probably still snow in the future, but it’s not too early to take advantage of the increasingly nicer days. Take a look around your home for maintenance needs and improvements that’ll let you enjoy the fresh air and sun filled days ahead.

Decorate your house with natural light from skylights

With more sunny days ahead you may want to freshen up the inside and break away from the neutrals. Adding natural light will help minimize the potential for disappointment in your experimentation with pops of color.

Natural light is more color friendly since it includes the entire color spectrum and will balance your secret wish for a coral wall making it look bright and luxurious instead of garish and confining. Just opening up the curtains and blinds can alter how colors look or you can consider adding roof skylights to maximize your natural light potential. Roof windows will let you take advantage of every possible way to enjoy some sun.

Coastal Living Show House from veluxusa on Vimeo.

Wash windows, including the roof windows, inside and out

Dust and dirt builds up over the winter season and filters the amount of light you’re getting. As annoying of a task as it is you’ll be surprised how bright things are inside once all that grime is removed and how good you feel.

Clean and check roof gutters, flashing around skylights and other openings

Debris builds up in the gutters and around flashing over the winter and will affect functionality. Flashing around vents, roof windows and chimneys need to be checked and cleaned free of debris. If it looks damaged that could mean leaking, so look into getting it repaired and while you’re up there …

Check the roof for any damage

Winter can be hard on a roof with all that freezing and melting. Good to find out about any damage now before a wet spring snow or the start of monsoon season.

Freshen up your curb appeal

Now that you’re feeling good about the inside and out of your house time look at your curb appeal. For an easy project (finally) get some fresh mulch to brighten up your landscaped areas and make it look ready for those spring flowers.